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"distant proximity".






PipeLeaks is designed to help you connect with others who share your concern for the well-being of the planet. We live in geographic separation across a vast landscape. We are united by our relation to the land. Our shared 'proximity' is the desire to protect our communities, our children and the natural world from harm.

Pipeline operators seek to run a serpentine network of natural-gas and heavy-oil pipelines through the beating heart of the land. These companies and their obsession with the profit-motive propose infrastructure development at any material or moral cost.

We use research, mapping technology and crowd-sourced information to combat pipeline projects and international resource extraction.

This is a tool: a weapon of nonviolence which empowers you to learn the risks and share your story.

We will provide objective, current and accurate information to educate you about these projects.

When the time comes for action, we will amplify and support the work of advocates and land-defenders to stop these projects from shore to shore.  

Email us your story or images.